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Equipping you with the tools and strategies to show up with more confidence in your career AND leadership!

If you’re sitting in your career or business and feeling lost, overwhelmed, or just a little stuck, you’ll love the Eating your Cake too Podcast.
Your host, Claire Seeber is an internationally accredited career and leadership coach, facilitator, speaker, change driver ANNND founder of Eating your Cake too, a business focussed on helping YOU to sell yourself with more confidence and take control of your OWN career and leadership success. 

The Eating your Cake too podcast will help you amplify your influence, accelerate your career growth, create REAL presence and have a TRUE impact in your career and business by learning the tools and strategies that you need to show up with more courage, more confidence and more clarity. 
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Pop me in your ears each fortnight and learn new and immediately actionable tools and strategies to help you show up with more confidence, clarity and courage in your career and your leadership.  
It’s time to get out of your own way!

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Episode #2 Which Imposter Are You?
Episode #1 My Story and Where It All Started

Are you ready to take control of your Career and Leadership Success?

If you know deep down that your lack of confidence and self-belief has been holding you back for years. If you know that you currently don’t have a targeted career game plan to get you seen, heard, noticed and needed, then you NEED to get out of your way once and for all! 

It’s time to take charge of your own success. 6 months from now, you’ll wish you started today!
Take Charge of your Career HERE
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