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Episode #2 Which Imposter Are You?

In this episode, I talk with you about what imposter syndrome is, and I’ll dig into the four major types of imposters we find when we explore the phenomenon of imposter syndrome:

  1. The perfectionist
  2. The workaholic
  3. The natural genius
  4. The expert.

I share with you about how each type of imposter presents itself and which questions to ask yourself if you believe you might have one of those types as your very own version of imposter syndrome. 

I also share four major tips to put into action once you recognize the role that imposter syndrome might be playing in your life. Listen in to better understand these four major tips:

  1. Call your syndrome out for what it is when it occurs.
  2. Recognise where your imposter shows up.
  3. Visualise your imposter and call her out when she appears!
  4. Collect the facts and deal in reality!

If you’re ready to learn HOW to manage your imposter, and how you can start to push through when those moments of insecurity do come in to play, then listen in and learn more.

I can’t wait to get started with you here! 

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