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Looking for an engaging Speaker who can engage your team and deliver insightful content?

Claire is so relatable and I LOVE how she just talks ‘real talk’. Listening to her, its like she is in my brain and knows exactly what I am thinking!

I was that person who often got put outside the classroom for talking too much. But, as a speaker, facilitator and career and leadership expert, I’ve been able to harness this energy to drive meaningful, impactful and relevant conversations aimed at those who need to hear it.

I like to share stories. Truth bombs. I speak from my experience. The good times, and the not so good times.

As a big fan of ‘real talk’, practical insights, and taking action, I have been told my speaking style is engaging, high-energy, and even one time like “human sunshine” – I’ll take that!

If you or your team are looking for an engaging, insightful and natural speaker, MC or facilitator, who is also backed with real world knowledge and theory in the leadership, business and career space, I’d love to hear from you!

Below provides an overview of my signature and most popular workshops. I am also happy to customise something for you and your team that ensures you meet your learning objectives – let's chat about it here, or feel free to send me an email here.

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Here are Some of my Most popular Workshops! 

Maintaining Resilience in times of Adversity

Learn what resilience really is, and how you can leverage what you already have to keep moving forward.

“GROW UP” - Coaching your team to GROW for greater business success

Dive into the powerful art of coaching, and how you can drive better business outcomes and high performing teams through the use of it in your daily conversations!

Feedback Conversations at work - How to get it, give it and ask for it!

This workshop is an absolute game-change for you and your team, and covers all aspects of feedback – how to get it, give it AND ask for it!

The Art of Communicating with Influence

Whether you like it or not, you need to be able to influence for leadership and career success – learn how to make it easy in this workshop!
Claire's approach is refreshingly real and down to earth. Our team loved her! She brings a great blend of theory, real world expertise and entertainment!

YOUR Game Plan for sustained Career Success

Learn about the 5 key career pillars that you need to be tapping into in order to be heard, seen, noticed and valued at work.

Mindset, Motivation and the power of Self-Awareness for Success

Only once we change our thinking, can we change our outcome. Learn the real art of mindset, motivation and how to drive deeper self-awareness for greater career and leadership success!

Start Playing to your Strengths - Career Planning Session for Teams

Gain greater clarity on what you and your teams unique strengths are and how you can leverage them together for greater success!

Imposter Syndrome - Manage it to work FOR you!

In this entertaining and engaging session, understand and unpack what Imposter Syndrome actually is, and HOW you can use it for good.

Interested in working with Claire?

Although all programs come with a suggested structure, depending on your organisation's unique needs and timelines all content can be delivered to suit your event and schedule, whether it is:

➡️ An individual or group coaching program.

➡️ An engaging, impactful and high energy keynote presentation.

➡️ Short term or long term group training programs.

➡️ Interactive Masterclasses and lunch events.

➡️ Leadership Team offsites.

➡️ Team Building events.
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