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“I believe that everything you want is just outside your comfort zone. Now, what are YOU going to do about it?”.


I am a Professional Coach, People and Culture Consultant, and Change Driver for both Organisations and Individuals.  I started my business in 2017 whilst working full time as General Manager of HR for a large retail business, and I still feel blessed every day to be able to work globally with passionate, motivated and courageous people who want to reach their full potential and are ready to put in the hard yards to get there.
I am also a self-proclaimed travel addict, mini-sausage dog mumma, avid blogger, a lover of a good glass of pinot noir and believe a solid belly laugh should be part of your every day.
Why I can help your Organisation…
I can help you because I have been there – truly been there – and have done it, from the inside. I am not another consultant who sits from afar providing recommendations not ever having really experienced being internal within an organisation. I can help you because I have been on the inside navigating organisations through huge cultural change programs, driven leadership capability and played a key role in the development of high performance teams from inside an organisation.
Through my coaching programs, practical workshops or leadership programs, and for those organisations needing it, some support with their people strategy (or lack thereof) my Consulting services can help you.
Why I can help you (the individual)…
I can help you because I am someone who has experienced feelings of self-doubt, feelings of being an imposter, and feelings of being a serious overthinker. I am someone who has lost nights of sleep with those all-consuming feelings of waking up and waiting for the moment that you’ll be ousted. I was someone who used to experience feelings of people thinking you are stupid. Out of your depth. Too young. Too old. Too sensitive. Not like the last person in the role you’re now in. I am here to tell you that you are not alone. I am here to tell you that you can beat it. I am also here to tell you the positive impact that increased confidence and courage can have on your career and your life once you start to thrive.
My credentials…
In terms of formal qualifications, I hold a Bachelor of Commerce – Majoring in Marketing, Management and Human Resource Management (Murdoch University, WA), and a Graduate Certificate in Employee Relations (Griffith University, QLD).
I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I also hold a Level 3 Executive Coaching certification from the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL), an accreditation in the Integrative 9 Enneagram Transformational Coaching Tool and am also an accredited  practitioner in the Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory (LSI & GSI).
Why I started my business…
I can still pin-point the exact moment I realised what I was meant to do with my life – what all my experiences were leading to. As a relatively young professional in my late 20s at the time, and in a very senior role with a steep growth trajectory behind it, I have experienced “all the feels” when it comes to overthinking, imposter syndrome, a lack of confidence or assertiveness and most definitely a lack of self-belief. I also now know the damage that these feelings can do to you, or an organisation, and the limits they can place professionally and/or personally if not dealt with.
In my personal Life….
I enjoy getting comfortably uncomfortable, stretching myself physically and mentally and believe this is the way to ‘squeeze the best juice’ out of life. Whether it is skydiving, hiking Machu Picchu, swimming with sharks in the Galapagos Islands, being an extra on Neighbours (because, why not?!?),  or stretching your brain through continuous learning and development – this is what life is all about!   

I’ve just finished six fabulous months of business coaching with Claire from Eating Your Cake too. it’s been such a worthwhile investment in my business and personal growth. Since the coaching commenced, I have seen tangible results in my business, an increase of revenue and improved productivity within myself and also my staff. Claire is an incredibly motivating coach, she is passionate about her clients and I believe that because she genuinely cares about your success you work harder at the work she sets. My small business has had so much growth since working alongside Claire I am now within the top thirty in my state. We are looking at increasing my staff and I’ve asked Claire to work as a consultant as the company grows from a small to a large business. Engaging Claire has been one of the most worthwhile things I have done.  Thank you, Claire X,



Claire has had an undeniable positive impact on my life. Through her game changing coaching, she has challenged me, inspired me and created many a-ha moments to help me grow and evolve in ways I never imagined. Claire’s honesty combined with her positive ‘make change happen’ attitude has transformed my life and put my career on a winning trajectory. Claire helped me get out of my own way and now, I’m on a purposeful path with no self-imposed obstacles to stop me from making a real difference to my life and those around me. Thank you, Claire, – my coach for life.



Claire has been a fantastic mentor and coach through my transition from middle management through to becoming a senior leader, helping me to get out of my own way and realise the best in myself. Claire has a warm and welcoming nature with a really positive and logical way of explaining things. She has truly been an amazing confidence builder and motivator, encouraging me outside of the comfort zone and more importantly past the negative thoughts in my own head



The gorgeous Claire Seeber and I worked together on my journey of personal growth and transformation over the last 6 months! The biggest and warmest THANK YOU Claire. I’m so grateful for having met you and your guidance on my journey! I’ve learnt a lot about what it means  to be @eatingyourcaketoo and truly becoming ME!! I am pumped to take my new skills for further growth as I find my groove and nail life!



Despite many of us being passionate, ambitious and mindful as we embark on our careers, we all have blind spots in our ability to influence others. Claire has dedicated countless hours to discovering where to identify these blind spots in her clients and building an effective roadmap in pulling them into sight. I have found her insights and support incredibly beneficial in my career.



Claire is dynamic, passionate and actively focuses on improving the performance of the organisations she supports from multiple perspectives. She has a unique ability to look beyond the current situation and think more expansively which helps her stay ahead of the game. Key to this is her deep understanding of HR and OD including learning & organisational development which enables her to develop robust people strategies that support engagement and culture change. I can attest to this having worked with her as a fellow practitioner in the application of coaching with Human Synergistics tools including Lifestyles Inventory and Organisational Culture Inventory. These abilities are balanced with a strong focus on producing tangible results. During our time working together Claire has effectively guided and influenced our program of work in way to align multiple stakeholders and fundamentally improve its return on investment. I hold Claire in very high regard. She is a person who actively “walks the talk” and makes a real difference to organisations with humour, integrity, commitment and enthusiasm.