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Episode #41 - Dealing With Fear of Public Speaking With Shil Shanghavi

Whether presenting in front of a large audience or speaking up during a meeting, public speaking anxiety can be overwhelming and hinder personal and professional growth. 

Fear not! If the thought of public speaking makes you frozen with fear, then this is the podcast episode for you.

This week, I am joined by Shil Shanghavi, a public speaking specialist, storyteller and highly regarded speaker coach. Shil is redefining the meaning of public speaking by demonstrating its value across all forms of communication and has presented across most industries worldwide, online and in person. He is the Head of Speaker Coaching for TEDxPerth, a Board member for Guerrilla Establishment, and a presentation mentor with Impact100 WA.

He shares with us the significance of public speaking skills in career advancement and lends some valuable tips for those who struggle with public speaking anxiety. Finally, we'll uncover practical strategies to ensure your audience REMEMBERS you, regardless of the setting or size.

So, tune in, take a deep breath, and learn how to deal with this fear head-on.

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