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Episode #53 - How Sleep Influences Our Bad, Bold and Brave Choices With Amanda Slinger

So what connects a pirouette, airline safety briefings and Dolly Parton?

It's all covered in this episode of the Eating your Cake too podcast!

For your listening delight, I welcome you to join myself and Amanda Slinger - founder of SleepSpot, and rest and sleep expert.

I have been telling EVERYONE about this episode.  After speaking with Amanda, I walked away with a polite kick up the butt and some seriously powerful insights! Amanda is a wealth of knowledge on all things rest, recovery, sleep and how we best support ourselves as we navigate this crazy beautiful thing called life.

There are many gems in this episode.  It is also perfectly timed as we start to define how we are going to bring our best selves to 2024!

Listen in and be sure to share what your key takeaways are! 

Check out Amanda's website HERE 

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