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Episode #55 - 4 Things You Need to Do to Play to Your Strengths!

 “I’d love to see you leverage your strengths more in this role”. 

“Just play to your strengths - the rest will follow”. 

Ever had or heard feedback like this before? 

It’s not wrong, but it isn’t overly helpful either. 

What is often lacking in this conventional advice about strengths play, is the actual “HOW TO” of playing to your strengths to achieve outcomes for yourself, your team, and your organisation.

My view on this is that there are actually FOUR critical parts that form part of the ‘play to your strengths’ equation, and all four need to be in sync in order for you to be effective. 

Here’s my formula on what it really takes to play to your strengths well: 

Know them + Own them + Leverage them + Know the point of reverse impact 

In this month's podcast, I dive deep into the formula above and give you practical insights as to what it means to know, own, leverage, and know the reverse point of impact in order to increase your impact at work. 

Listen in and learn on your favourite podcast platform, and if you’re loving what you’re hearing, then please share it with a friend! 

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