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Episode #46 - Navigating Change and Driving Culture with Nikos Psaltopoulos

In today's rapidly evolving world, organisations and individuals face the critical challenge of navigating change.

Adapting to new technologies, market shifts, and societal expectations is crucial for success. Effective change management and fostering a positive culture are key.

This week, join us as we have an insightful conversation with Nikos Psaltopoulos, a C-suite leader and disruptor, who recently embarked on a new chapter in his career and life. 

We explore the key ingredients necessary to cultivate a dynamic and positive culture within organisations, highlighting the significance of trust, respect, and active listening.

He expresses his excitement for the future and his intention to find an organisation that aligns with his values and fosters growth. He also shared valuable advice to your younger self, encouraging belief in others' actions and the importance of backing yourself without hesitation.

Tune in to this engaging and enlightening conversation that will inspire you to embrace change, prioritise trust and culture, and seize opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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