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Episode #14 - How to Make Decisions with Bethan Winn

Every one of us struggles with decisions at one point or another in our lives. There’s a body of research stating that we make about 30,000 decisions a day. Just in one day! But, it’s often the big things, the major decisions that can create the overwhelm and the paralysis that come when we feel stuck in what is the ‘right’ decision to make. 

When we don’t stop to think about our decisions, or we make them by default, we can find ourselves looking up and around 2, 3, 5, 10 years later and asking ourselves, “How did I get here? What led to this?” 

And that’s the topic of today’s episode. Together with Bethan Winn, we’ll talk about critical thinking and making better decisions in our lives. 

We’ll have a Q&A style conversation where we talk about critical thinking and problem solving. We’ll go over tips and tricks and hacks on how you can incorporate critical thinking and problem solving skills into your decision making strategy. Bethan is going to help us understand critical thinking and share a few skills she’s learned in her business. Let’s do it! 

Learn more about Bethan Winn here: 

Bethan Winn’s Website 

Bethan Winn’s Linkedin 

Bethan Winn’s Instagram Bethan Winn’s Book Recommendation - LOST CONNECTIONS by Johann Hari

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