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Episode #9: Relationship Currency Is Queen - Here Is What You Need to Know!

Happy New Year to you all!

To start off 2022, I share a little bit about what I like to focus on at the start of each new year - SPOILER ALERT , these aren't new year's resolutions. Instead, I consider questions like “who do I want to be as a human”, and “how am I actually contributing to a better world” at the start of this new year? 

Then we dive right into today's topic - the power of relationship currency! I share about how relationship currency works, ways that you can track it, and how you can build up your own currency within relationships. I also explore what it means to look at professional relationships for the give and take that they are and how that can benefit us in our careers.

Listen in to hear why relationship currency is queen! I'll share about how to get a firm grip on that currency and about how awareness of that currency can benefit you in your organisation and in your life! Don’t miss it! 

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