Mid-year performance reviews are important opportunities for you to reflect on your progress, set new goals, and discuss your career development with your manager. 

But these conversations can be DAUNTING. 

While it's common to feel nervous or uncertain during these catch-ups, taking charge and actively participating in the conversation can greatly enhance the outcome of the conversation and your motivation. 

That’s why, going into these review with a STRATEGY can really set you up for SUCCESS. 

I am here to help you with 5 EFFECTIVE WAYS that you can take control of your mid-year performance conversation and make it something that you feel proud of! 

1. Prepare in Advance

To take charge of your mid-year performance review, preparation is key. Start by reviewing your past goals, achievements, and challenges. Reflect on the areas where you excelled and identify areas where you could improve. Come up with specific examples and anecdotes to highlight your accomplishments and growth - bring them to life. 

Additionally, think about your future GOALS and ASPIRATIONS and consider how they align with the overall OBJECTIVES of the organisation. 

By preparing thoroughly, you'll be better equipped to contribute actively to the conversation.

2. Take control of the Conversation from the start

Be the one that SHOWS UP! Don't wait for your manager to lead the conversation and kick things off. Take the initiative to create an open dialogue from the start and show your enthusiasm and engagement. 

Begin by expressing your gratitude for the opportunity to discuss your performance. 

State that you’ve prepared some thoughts and perspectives on your progress, that you’re keen to share first, as well as your perception on areas for improvement and current strengths which you really like to walk your manager through for them to then add to. 

By demonstrating your willingness to engage in a constructive discussion, you will set a positive tone for the conversation and feel as though you’ve put your best foot forward in the conversation.

3. Address Concerns and Challenges straight off the bat

Don’t shy away or try to avoid these. If you have any concerns or challenges that have impacted your performance, it's essential to address them during the review conversation - ideally, own them first and foremost. 

Take charge of this discussion by presenting the challenges you faced and how you worked to overcome them. Be open and honest about any support or resources you may require moving forward. 

This proactive approach demonstrates your ability to identify and tackle obstacles head-on, while also showcasing your resilience and commitment to continuous improvement. Once you’ve addressed the concerns or challenges, you can then lift the conversation back up with your key accomplishments and vision for growth going forward.

4. Discuss Career Development and Future Proof yourself

Your mid-year performance review is an ideal time to discuss your career aspirations and development plans. Take charge of this aspect by expressing your interest in growth opportunities within the organisation. 

Discuss the skills you would like to acquire or enhance, but more importantly, why the organisation would also benefit from you acquiring these skills. By proactively addressing your career development, you demonstrate your commitment to personal and professional growth, as well as your enthusiasm for contributing to the organisation's success overall.

5. Talk in Outcomes, not Inputs 

Often, when people engage in performance conversations, they talk in dimensions or in inputs. 

This means things like “I’ve been working really hard”, The team and I have had to do this much overtime, but we dug in and got it done”. “We onboarded 10 new starters this week” etc. 

These insights are all great, and we can see you’re working hard, but they aren’t actually telling your manager what it is that you're achieving or delivering on. When you communicate your accomplishment to your manager, be sure to talk about outputs and outcomes, not inputs. 

For example, “We have been able to onboard 10 new starters, 3 weeks ahead of project schedule which has meant they’ve hit the road earlier than anticipated, and been able to bring in an additional $250k revenue for the project. This has now meant we are ahead in pipeline and revenue delivery.” 

See, doesn’t that sound much better than “the team is working really hard”. 

The Bottom Line 

Taking charge of your mid-year performance review conversations empowers you to actively participate in shaping your professional growth and career trajectory. By preparing in advance, initiating open dialogue, discussing career development, addressing concerns, and talking in outputs and outcomes, instead of inputs, you demonstrate your commitment, initiative, and professionalism. Your mid-year performance review is not only an opportunity for feedback, but also a chance to showcase your potential and take charge of your own success. 

Now, what are you going to do? Lean forward, or lean back?  

Good Luck - let me know how you go, and if you need more tailored support taking charge of your career success, reach out to me HERE for your free coaching consultation.