Embarking on a new career path can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially when leaving behind the security of a stable job. The mixture of fear, excitement, and determination is a common experience for anyone exploring unfamiliar territory.

Recently, I caught up with Shil Shanghavi, an expert in public speaking, talented storyteller and highly regarded speaker coach, who has redefined the meaning of public speaking by showcasing its value in all forms of communication.

Together, we explored the personal journey of starting a career in public speaking and the barriers faced along the way. From battling self-doubt to managing nerves, Shil’s is a story of resilience, reframing challenges, and embracing unique qualities.

Facing Barriers

1. Building Credibility: 

As speakers, we face several barriers in our line of work. One significant challenge is establishing credibility. It requires relentless effort to gain speaking opportunities and involves reaching out to numerous individuals and organisations. Although many doors may close, we persist in our pursuit. Breaking into a circle where people engage with us as speakers can be daunting, but our determination to make a mark remains unwavering.

2. Embracing Unique Qualities: 

Everyone has unique qualities that can contribute to their success as a speaker in any environment (whether you’re a formal ‘speaker’, or you just need to effectively engage stakeholders at work. It's essential to identify and embrace these qualities, as they bring a fresh perspective to speaking engagements. Instead of viewing differences as limitations, reframing them as strengths can help in gaining confidence and connecting with the audience on a deeper level.

3. Managing Nerves: 

Anxiety and nervousness are SO common when it comes to public speaking, even for seasoned professionals. Rather than wrecking yourself trying to overcome these fears, learning to manage them is a more realistic approach. Accepting nervousness as a natural part of the experience and finding strategies to cope with it, such as creating a comfortable and conversational atmosphere, can help both the speaker and the audience feel more at ease.

Embracing Our Humanity

We are only human! Acknowledging that fear is an integral part of the human experience, it's important to address the common fear of public speaking. Changing your mindset and reframing the notion of "overcoming" fear, can allow us to focus on managing it instead. 

Let’s be honest, nerves will never completely evade us! But recognising this, even for accomplished speakers, allows them to embrace their humanity and show vulnerability. This vulnerability can foster trust, comfort, and empathy, which can lead to more meaningful connections overall.

The Journey of Self-Discovery

The path to becoming a confident speaker requires continuous self-discovery and self-acceptance. There is no quick solution to finding comfort within oneself; it is an ongoing process that evolves over time. Identifying and embracing unique strengths, and viewing them as elite qualities, can help build confidence and develop strategies that work individually.

Final Thoughts

Embracing public speaking as part of your career journey is not without its challenges (TRUST ME), but it is a journey that offers immense personal growth and fulfilment! Overcoming barriers, reframing challenges, and embracing our unique qualities are key elements in finding success and elevating our skills and deliverables. Managing nerves and finding peace within ourselves allows us to connect authentically with the audience and make a lasting impact.

If you are struggling with the anxiousness of public speaking within your career then maybe it’s time to make a change!

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Feel confident, embrace your voice, and share your message. Make a lasting impact.