The last few weeks for me have been a total blur. A blur of overwhelm. A blur of exhilaration. A blur of exhaustion. And a blur of adrenaline. All things that happen when you are truly ALIVE! All things that happen when you really put yourself out there, grab life by the balls and take a giant leap into the things you want.  Many of us don’t do this enough though. So many of us wait for things to happen to us, for people to make decisions for us, or worse, haven’t ever thought about what we might want for ourselves.

In the last few weeks, I’ve taken a pretty huge leap into a few unknown areas – all leaps that will change my life pretty significantly. Firstly, I resigned from a job I love and have given everything to for just over the past 5 years. Why did I resign from a job I love? Because of what I want more.  Freedom.  I have been living in Melbourne for over 5 years now and have fallen in love with it. The culture, the food, the events, arts, the people and the lifestyle I live here.  But I have also had this little voice in the back of my head for the past few years reminding me that I promised myself that one day I would travel the world completely without a plan and completely without agenda.  No itinerary. No advance bookings.  Just absolute freedom of choice. This voice has gotten louder and louder over the last 12 months and so my husband and I decided that now is our time to shine!

Why am I telling you this? To make the point clear that sometimes you might enjoy what you do, but you’ve got that itch in the back of your mind telling you that you might want something else more. The dream that might seem too hard, too outrageous or too left of field.  Do it anyway. Because that will be the thing that you’ll remember when you are 90 years old and looking back on your life as the decision you were most proud of. The hard decision. The decision that took guts. The decision that had no guarantees. And the decision that got you the f*ck out of your own way.

Continuing on this theme of getting out of your comfort zone – I also flew to Athens a few weeks ago to run an Executive Leadership Program for a fantastic Greek born and bred Company that is going gangbusters.  My first truly international client at scale. Talk about pushing myself out of my comfort zone. A non-English speaking country (to their credit, they actually speak English very well as a second language), running a program for a group of people I had never met before, stepping into an office where I didn’t know anyone, didn’t know the culture, the environment or the norms, and was here to give my two cents on how to drive leadership for business outcomes! "Cool – no worries", I said through an anxious and non-believing smile that this was actually happening.

claire in athens

My point is this – all the best things in life come from one big leap of courage. Whether it is one courageous conversation, or saying “yes” to something when every part of you is saying “no”. This is where the magic happens. Did I feel totally out of my depth with this opportunity? Yes. Did I feel completely uncomfortable and questioned my abilities almost every day? Yes.  But I continued on and reminded myself each day that I was there for a reason. I know my sh*t, I am good at what I do, and that this opportunity was a truly remarkable one.

You may remember a post I wrote nearly a year ago now about how to know if you are in a rut, and what to do about it…. Here is a snippet of what I said.

“Your comfort zone is a behavioural space where your activities fit a chosen routine that ultimately minimises your stress and risk. It provides you with a state of mental security. The routine is then reinforced because you experience regular happiness, low anxiety and reduced stress. If we are experiencing happiness, minimal to no anxiety and little to no stress, why the f*ck would I mess with that, I hear you say?

Because…. Healthy levels of stress and anxiety are where the magic happens!”

What to know if you in a rut and how to get out of it – read the rest of the post via the link below and you'll also get some practical tips and tricks to help you get back on track!! CLICK HERE

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