Welcome to our second “Real World” Women interview series with the AMAZING Kylie Falconer! Kylie is another powerhouse woman who is not afraid to put herself out of her comfort zone, push the boundaries for her dreams and is most definitely NOT afraid of hard work! After recently relocating back to Perth after living in Melbourne for a few years, Kylie has started her own KX Pilates studio in Booragoon (get onto it Perth peeps!).

Kylie is a Lululemon ambassador and has also recently co-founded Lacuna Wild @lacunawild a business that creates roaming retreats with a difference!

I am so excited for you all to hear from Kylie and the stories and lessons she is sharing about her journey, and also for the vulnerability and courage that she has shared in her interview – you are an inspiration! Check it out below!

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Kylie - Can you please give us a bit of a bio of who you are and what you do? 

KF:  No problems! My favourite modalities to teach are yoga, reformer Pilates and pranayama.  I studied psychology and health science at university and wanted to create my own way of using this knowledge to help people. In my day to day, I create a positive environment for my community to better understand their body which allows them to heal themselves through movement and mindfulness. I believe the body is intuitively able and with the right support we can nurture a strong, supple and capable Self.

What is the biggest personal risk you have taken and how did you arrive at the decision to take the leap?

KF: To date, my biggest personal risk was opening my KX Booragoon pilates studio. I broke up with a loving boyfriend, moved 3500km across the country, put myself under huge financial pressure and opened a business (with very little business acumen) because I believed in the power of movement after noticing its effect on my own mental health. I decided to take a chance on myself in the hope it would allow others to take a chance on themselves.

What an amazing story! How do you continue to stay motivated and how do you work out what you want to achieve in your life?

KF: I’m definitely not always motivated. I have lived with depression and anxiety for 15 years which has taught me to take every day as it comes. Some days I live in shadow and other days I spread light. For the past ten years I have explored the world, my own mentality and worked on my spiritual practice. It was more a day by day, fly by the seat of my pants kind of existence. I knew I wanted to help people but didn’t think I could help anyone as I often could not help myself. It has only been in the last few years that I started to sit down and write out my goals. My life has always been full of adventure and bold moves but until I created an opportunity to throw myself in to a business, I honestly didn’t believe I could, but saying YES and “figuring it out later”. That’s my motto now. You have to find something bigger than yourself that you believe in, then just run with it. See what happens when you give 110%.

What does “success” mean to you? What is your definition of it for the life of Kylie Falconer?

KF: For me, success is finding balance between looking after your health, being kind and caring towards others, showing up to work with 110%, being debt free, laughing every day and being able to share meals with loved ones (making time for them!).  I’m working very hard on that balance thing, I’m not there yet.

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Have you ever experienced Imposter Syndrome or a time where have felt like you weren’t good enough, smart enough, experienced enough etc? How did you deal with this? What advice would you have for other women who struggle with self-doubt and low confidence?

KF: OMG, every day!!!! I spend a lot of time meditating, journaling, reading and surrounding myself with people I admire. I try my best. I feel into my sadness and self-doubt, then figure out the next best step to overcoming the issue getting me down. Don Miguel Ruiz’s four agreements often help - the only advice I can give is do your best!!

The Eating your cake too methodology talks a lot about getting the f*ck out of your own head and your own way. Can you tell us about a time where YOU were the one getting in your own way - how did you realise it and what did you do about it?

KF: Action speaks louder than words. I have a lot of self-doubt and negative self-talk going on in my head every day. The best thing I can do for myself to overcome this is to move my body. As simple (and challenging) as it is, just get up and do something, ANYTHING! Some days I get stuck in bed and it takes me four hours to get up and go for a twenty-minute walk to the beach. Once I’m there nothing else seems as challenging. Sometimes I get so anxious about the list of 'to-do’s' I write lists of my lists. As soon as I have accomplished the smallest, least important task I often find myself on a roll and everything else gets done. And in saying that, everything will get done when it gets done. Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t happen in the ridiculous time frame you set yourself.

What advice do you have for women who might not be sure of what their purpose is, or what they want to do with their lives?

KF: Never stop remarking in why you’re on this earth and never believe it is not for something that isn’t super dooper special. Find something that makes you happy because the world needs more of that. Don’t take a job because you think you are supposed to. Create a job that makes you come alive. Or, work to pay the bills and fill every other moment of your life caught up in the wonders of exploration. Try something new. Try something old in a new way. Try everything, three times! Your purpose is to give experience to your soul. The rest is just details.

What do you think the top 3 skills are that women need to have in a professional sense to be successful?

Motivation – know why you’re doing it and work extremely hard to maintain your drive.

Ask for help – so often women think we need to do it all and aren’t allowed to ask for help. Bullshit! We don’t have to be the CEO as well as the HR, PR, sales, marketing, cleaning, admin team and chef.

Self-love – continue to work on yourself just as much as you are working on your hustle.

What do you think often prevents women from asking for what they want, and what advice do you have for the Eating your Cake too community to help them build confidence?

KF: For me a big one is fear of rejection. I have learnt that if you don’t ask you’ll never get what you want. Being turned down is actually a blessing because it means you are one step closer to receiving the thing that was actually meant for you.

What is a quote that you live by?

"Scared is how you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing."

Thank you so much Kylie for your honesty, openness and total vulnerability - you are an inspiration!

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