We've reached our 50th Eating your Cake too podcast episode! ???? 

This AWESOME milestone wouldn't have been possible without wonderful listeners like you. To celebrate 50 episodes, I wanted to do something a little different, so I decided to put the spotlight on YOU – the fantastic humans who have been with me throughout this journey to 50 episodes. I reached out a few weeks ago on Instagram and asked you to share your burning questions - anything that you wanted me to answer. ????????

You asked everything from whether I deal with imposter syndrome, through to what is my personal purpose, all the way to navigating tough times and finding how to find your drive again after returning from maternity leave. So, grab a cuppa and let’s dive in! 

Discovering Your Career Path

Many people reach a point in their careers where they begin to doubt their choices and long for something more meaningful. It's a common crossroads that often leaves us asking, "What do you do if you don't think you like your career anymore?"

In my opinion, the journey to finding career satisfaction begins with self-reflection. So, let's start with a simple yet powerful exercise that can provide valuable insights. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen.

On the left side of your page, jot down the activities and tasks that make your best days at work truly enjoyable. What are you doing when you feel the most fulfilled and engaged at work? On the right side, list the tasks and activities that define your worst days—the days when you're counting down the minutes until it's time to leave. What makes those days unbearable?

If your analysis reveals that it's not just specific tasks or environments but rather the overall nature of your work that no longer resonates with you, then it might be time to consider a more substantial career transition. If, however the things that are really getting you down appear to be more related to the team or the organisation you are in, perhaps it is just time for a job change, not a whole career transition. I speak more about this in a recent blog article HERE.

Why I Do What I Do - The Right Path

The question of why we do what we do is a BIG one, and it often leads us on a journey of self-discovery and purpose. So, why do I do what I do?

The answer, in essence, is because I found a way to align my passions and my strengths with my career. I made a conscious decision to turn what I loved into a profession. Working with individuals and organisations to help them grow and thrive, to tap into their potential, and to foster greater self-awareness for teams and individuals —this became my mission.

Now, let's address the second part of this question—how I knew this was the right path for me. The answer is simple: IT FELT GOOD. Of course, it is not without its challenges and moments of uncertainty. But through it all, there has been a consistent feeling of alignment and meaning. And until that feeling changes, I'll continue down this path with enthusiasm and purpose.

Conquering Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is a common mindset challenge that many individuals face in their professional journeys. You might wonder how to deal with it and whether it's possible to overcome this (especially with all the mixed messaging out there about imposter syndrome!). 

Here are my thoughts on imposter syndrome: It tends to really make its presence known when people step outside their comfort zones, embark on something new, or tread unfamiliar terrain. Essentially, it's an indicator that they're taking a courageous leap.

I believe the best way to approach impostor syndrome is to reframe it. Instead of viewing it as a barrier, consider it a signal that you're stepping outside your comfort zone and this is just our brain doing its job of trying to keep us ‘safe’. When we confront impostor syndrome, it means we're pushing our boundaries and trying something new.  So go forward and embrace the learning by taking action. Courage leads to action and actions leads to confidence. Confidence is an antidote to imposter syndrome. Want to learn more about Imposter Syndrome? I speak about it HERE. 

A Glimpse Into My Current Career Goals

My biggest career goal right now is to engage in work I love, with people I enjoy, in a way that feels right to me. It's about finding meaning in what I do and the people I do it with. I strive to contribute positively to the lives of others and make a lasting impact.

While I do of course have revenue targets and specific projects I want to drive, they are merely instruments to help me align my work with my overarching goal. They provide a sense of direction and structure but are not the ultimate measure of success for me.

My secondary goal is to continue building a business that accommodates the flexibility I need to maintain my health and well-being. It's a path toward creating a sustainable work-life balance that enables me to thrive both professionally and personally.

Considering Inspirational Interviews

I have loved all the guests I’ve had on the Eating your Cake too podcast over the last 50 episodes, however one person who I would absolutely LOVE to have on the show in the future is Celeste Barber. She embodies qualities that resonate with the essence of our podcast - humour and heart.

Celeste is a multifaceted figure, recognised for her work in comedy, acting, and activism. Her appeal lies in her unwavering commitment to driving positive change through her beliefs and actions. She communicates her convictions in a respectful and open-minded manner, and that to me makes her someone who I’d LOVE to sit down for a cuppa (or a wine!) with. 

Navigating Life's Challenges

Those close to me would know that the last 12 months in particular have thrown all kinds of curveballs.  But what I have learnt throughout these last 12 months in particular is that no two people's coping strategies are the same. There is no right or wrong with how to deal with pain. What is important though in navigating life's challenges is that we reflect on what works for us, and then ultimately, do more of it. 

For me, I have learnt that a combination of self-reflection, human connection, and spending time in nature, is the perfect cocktail of support to help me get through the tougher times. Taking time to process my own thoughts and feelings is step one.  Usually a few days after this I am ready for time with friends - laughter, connection and conversation that can help me stand up straight again.  Nature, and preferably the ocean, is the perfect third step in allowing me to keep moving forward. The ocean calms me. Grounds me, and helps me regain perspective. 

What works for me may be completely different to what works for you. And that is OK. The most important thing is that you work out what those key levers are that will help you keep moving forward during life's curveballs (that will inevitably get thrown at all of us), and the right people you need to surround yourself with (sometimes they won’t be who you’d expect). 

Finding Purpose and Drive After Maternity Leave

Returning to your career after maternity leave is a transformative journey, one that often raises profound questions about purpose and motivation. Many women find themselves questioning how to regain their sense of purpose and motivation during this transitional period. 

As I share in this podcast episode, I don’t tackle this question from lived experience. But I do tackle it from the conversations I’ve had with many, many women over the years seeking my support in this space. 

First and foremost, it's essential to acknowledge that becoming a parent shifts your priorities, your values, and your perspective. It's unreasonable to expect yourself to resume your career exactly as it was before. Your world has evolved, and that's completely natural and actually a really beautiful thing.

The journey to rediscovering your purpose and motivation is a gradual process. Be patient with yourself, celebrate your accomplishments along the way, and embrace the positive changes that parenthood has brought into your life. Your path may be different now, but it can be equally fulfilling and meaningful, if not more so. ????

There you have it! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as I answered some of the many interesting questions you asked me (we do go A LOT deeper on the actual podcast episode though!).  As I reflect on 50 podcasts and your questions, there is a thread that links them all together for me - self-reflection and self-discovery.  By spending time reflecting regularly and checking in with yourself, you can uncover what you’re passionate about, what feels good for you, know when you’re outside of your comfort zone, gain clarity about what your purpose is, know your values and align with them, and set goals that feel right for you.

If you’ve still got questions you’d like me to answer, I would love to hear from you! 

Reach out and let’s connect about how I can best support you, your teams, and your Organisations to thrive in your career and your leadership!