How broad are your professional networks?

Are they diverse, and built off relationships with people from many different areas of life? Or are they quite small and insular, built off the people you’re immediately surrounded with in your current position and organisation?

I recently heard the term 'tower versus pyramid' used in the context of building strategic networks, and I thought this was a great way to look at it.

A tower is tall, but relatively thin. With one or two pieces removed, it can be enough to tumble the whole thing. There is no breadth of footprint, and it is reasonably insular in structure.

A pyramid on the other hand is built on broader foundations, arguably making it stronger and better supported overall and in the longer term (don’t at me on this if you’re an engineer - just roll with the analogy).

Networks and effective relationships are critical to our career success. We know this.

Maintaining networks both internally and externally to our current organisations are a key lever to creating new opportunities.

The research shows us this time and time again.

And yet, still, women in particular, do not leverage them enough.

Strong career currency is made up of BOTH performance AND relationships.

Yes, you’ve got to be good at what you do, but the right people need to know about it too. And, when it comes to risk mitigation, we also want to ensure the people who know us and what we’re truly capable of is broad. We don't want to put all of our relationship eggs into one basket.

So, tell me, who are you connected with? Do you have a tower or a pyramid? Is your network broad, diverse and multi-layered?

What is one thing you can do right now to support your pyramid?

Your career will thank you for it.

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