1:1 Career and Leadership Accelerator Coaching 
Take your Return on Investment a step further with one on one Accelerate Coaching
One on one Career and Leadership coaching provides targeted support designed to ignite your top talent with focussed conversation around their specific growth needs. 

A facilitated 360 debrief is also encouraged as part of this option to maximise return on impact (and investment).
You cannot read the label from inside the jar. 
The same is true for coaching.
Why Coaching?
Sometimes when we are so entrenched in a situation or a challenge, we find it difficult to see other options for problem-solving. We can struggle to see broader perspectives, and we can feel 'stuck' or stifled by our current position.
We can feel lost, stuck and confused about the right step forward.
Coaching provides a container of space and healthy tension for a coachee to be challenged to think differently, reflect on things from different angles, and then take targeted action to drive more constructive results, showcase stronger leadership and achieve better business outcomes.

Imagine how your leaders decision making confidence and capability could transform with a platform to focus on it in? 
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Other Benefits of Coaching include: 
Improved Performance: Coaching can lead to enhanced performance by helping your team identify and leverage their strengths, develop new skills, and overcome obstacles.

Enhanced Leadership Capability: Coaching can be especially beneficial for leaders and managers. It helps them gain self-awareness, refine their leadership style, and develop effective strategies for motivating and inspiring their teams. Stronger leadership capabilities have a ripple effect throughout an organisation, leading to better decision-making, increased employee engagement, and ultimately, improved ROI.

Culture and Team Dynamics: Coaching can foster a positive work culture and improve team dynamics. By promoting open communication, trust, and collaboration, coaching can enhance relationships between team members and managers. A healthy work environment leads to higher employee morale, better teamwork, and increased productivity, all of which contribute to a favourable ROI for your Organisation.
What if all it took to ignite a leaders true potential was some targeted time to actually focus on it? 
Coaching Program Inclusions: 

Coaching for growth inside organisations is about the individual, but it is also about ensuring that the Organisational needs are in alignment. That is why my 1:1 coaching programs incorporate touchpoints with all key parties to the growth program. My accelerator programs incorporate:  

➡️ 6 x 1-hour private online sessions via Zoom/Google Meet where we focus solely on the coachees unique needs and coaching goals.

➡️ Two triangular meetings with a manager or sponsor at the kick-off session and midpoint session to ensure there is alignment on goals and how these also link to organisational needs.

➡️ Work for the coachee to do between sessions to continue tracking progress and to ensure they remain accountable for their own growth.

➡️ There may also be pre-work for the coachee to do ahead of the first session together to ensure we have a clear picture ahead of commencement that allows us to dive straight in.

➡️ Email and text support as needed between sessions. 

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Really want to maximise your Return on Investment and Impact? 
As part of the coaching program, there is an opportunity to participate in a 360 survey through Human Synergistics called the Life Styles Inventory (LSI). This tool allows the coachee to receive feedback from a variety of stakeholders across the Company on their current impact and effectiveness.

The coachee also completes the same survey on themselves, and then in collaboration with the coach they debrief the data, and review for alignment between their self-view, and that of the perception of their survey participants.

This often forms the leadership goals and focus areas for the coaching for the remainder of the container, and provides a great platform for introspection and self-awareness capability strengthening.
Hey there! I’m Claire!
Global Career and Leadership Coach. Speaker. Trainer. Podcast Host. Founder of Eating your Cake too. 
I believe that the world needs more heart. More humour. And a greater ability to have real and honest conversations. Human to Human.

I’ve supported hundreds of driven, ambitious and laser focussed humans become better leaders, more courageous individuals, and more in control of their own career and leadership success.

When we can understand ourselves better, we are more able to drive sustainable change in our teams, our businesses and ourselves.

If you are current or aspiring leader looking to have greater impact. If you feel like you could achieve more with greater confidence and clarity about what you bring to the table. Or, if you are an Organisation who wants to grow, develop and retain your top talent. You are in the right place.

Here's what previous coaching clients are saying...

My 1:1 coaching experience with Claire has been simply wonderful. 

I am now moving forward with a much clearer picture of how I can listen and improve my impact in every direction around me. 

Claire has helped me retool and take ownership over my leadership development with some great humour along the way.
Jeff Murphy
Claire has been a fantastic coach through my transition from middle management through to becoming a senior leader, helping me to get out of my own way and realise the best in myself. 

Claire has a warm and welcoming nature with a really positive and logical way of explaining things. She has truly been an amazing confidence builder and motivator, encouraging me outside of the comfort zone and more importantly past the negative thoughts in my own head.
Grace Gorman
After meeting Claire (and her invigorating energy!) I knew she was the right coach for me. Our first session blew me away and will stay with me forever.

Every session was filled with thought provoking questions, surprising revelations and exciting mindset changes and opportunities.

Investing in myself with Claire’s support was the best thing I have done in the last few years! “Worth it” is an understatement!
Dawn Murchison
I want you to be confident that you have the tools and strategies in place to show up as the leader that you want to be. That you need to be. 

I want you to know the key levers you need to pull consistently to make sure you’re having the positive impact that you want to be. And that you know HOW to get the results that you need to be. 

Together, we’ll have you knowing, owning and leveraging your leadership strengths.

I’ll help you tackle your challenges and cheer you on as you focus on your areas of opportunity (we all have them!).

I’ll be there for you to ensure you take action and get out of your own way.

Not only that, but I’ll be giving you all the best gems and resources that I know to ensure that you, your team and your Organisation are showing up to their full potential.

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