Engage and Retain your Female Talent with the 'Elevate' Female Sponsorship Program
'Elevate' Women's Sponsorship Program
The Elevate Sponsorship Program for women is here to help you engage, inspire and elevate the female talent inside your organisation for better business outcomes, a strong employer brand, and a pipeline of female leaders.

Demonstrate a real commitment to diversity and inclusion through a targeted platform for your aspiring and emerging women leaders to shine in.
What are you doing to retain your talented female leaders?
This program is designed for Organisations looking to increase the advancement of their female talent internally, retain their high-potential and emerging female talent, and engage in a deeper conversation around the unique challenges and barriers facing female leaders.
How it works
Hands on, immersive career accelerator and self leadership program for aspiring and emerging female leaders.

Built upon the proven 5 key career pillar formulae for sustained success. 

Playback session for your Senior Leadership Team and internal Male Allies/Sponsors with a facilitated Q&A on how they can practically continue to support and drive stronger diversity and inclusion within your organisation.

Imagine the impact you can drive with your organisational culture through a genuine demonstration of commitment to closing the gender leadership gap?  A commitment backed with action to ensure your female leaders feel heard, seen and valued.
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Key Outcomes
Your female talent feel genuinely valued and invested in, with real opportunities for growth.

Increased job satisfaction and employee engagement.
Opportunity for your male allies to get involved and increase their own leadership through advocacy for the program and its participants.

Improved Employer brand and Stronger talent pipeline.
Stronger demonstration of a true commitment to diversity and inclusion within your Organisation.
Program Inclusions:
The 'Elevate' Female Sponsorship Program is generally run in person over a six month facilitated period, however can be run as a shorter intensive program, as well as online, or via a blended approach inline with your Organisations needs. 

The program includes six hands-on and practical sessions built around the 5 key career pillars, plus a playback session to solidify learnings and share insights:

➡️ Self Awareness, Vision and Mindset
➡️ Brand YOU 
➡️ Accelerating growth through Relationships 
➡️ Performance Currency 

➡️ Future Proofing Yourself Currency 
➡️ Playback and Impact session - participants share their insights and learnings with core senior leaders and key female sponsors showcasing your ROI on the program in 'real time'.
❗Maximise your ROI+I (Return on Investment and Impact❗

Additional program features can also be included and tailored around your organisation's unique needs including 1:1 coaching, 360 surveys, internal guest speakers, etc.

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Imagine if your engagement efforts could be channelled into the RIGHT areas and saw you get the RESULTS your organisation really needs?
I’m your Trainer, Claire.
Global Career and Leadership Coach. Speaker. Trainer. Podcast Host. Founder of Eating your Cake too.
I'm on a personal mission that focuses on the elevation of women globally into game-changing career and leadership positions, and intend to play a hands-on role in closing the gender leadership gap in my life time. 

Ambitious, yes! Impossible, no. 

With over 15 years’ experience across a range of businesses and industries globally, I've worked with, or for some of the world's most well-known brands including NBC Universal, Fortescue Metals Group, Chevron, Superdry, Mineral Resources and Colgate-Palmolive.

As the co-founder of the Future Female Leaders Program, and a committee member of the Long Lunch Club - a NFP bringing together women, and supporters of women to create meaningful, supportive and long-lasting professional relationships, I've got a targeted approach to ensuring that more women are seen, heard and valued for the expertise that they bring to their teams, their organisations, and to the world!

Here's what past participants are saying...

Claire brings an authentic energy to every workshop that is not only motivating, but provides a safe place to share experiences and seek guidance every step of the way.  

Since completing the program, I have gained a new level of understanding of my professional self, confidence to ask the tough questions, and understand the importance of my professional network and closing the loop. 
Leah Fuller
My six month journey spent with Claire and a bunch of amazing women on the program has been one of self-growth, career clarity and confidence. 

I've been on several leadership courses, however none have turned up the dial like Claire's program! 

Thank you Claire for teaching me how to be an impact player, what my career non-negotiables are, and that a squiggly path is invaluable. These are life long tools that I will not only continue to apply in my career, but share with others too share the good word! 
Sandra Swan
Claire's knowledge of career and leadership development is amazing. Her advice is relatable and applicable across all industries. If every leader had a Claire in their development team we would be achieving amazing outcomes.

I am grateful to have Claire as a pivot point in my career. My gratitude as I succeed will have her to thank.
Danielle Scotland
Here is what the 'Elevate' Women's Sponsorship Program Incorporates: 
Here is what we will teach your aspiring and emerging female leaders in our 6 months together where they will transform their careers and self-leadership inside YOUR organisation.
Month 1 - Self Awareness, Vision and Mindset
Participants take a deep dive into the changing landscape of leadership, the power of role models in your career, and a masterclass in developing greater self-awareness for better leadership outcomes.

They will also define their unique definition of success - what is it, why does it matter to them, and how will they achieve it inside your Organisation? In order to achieve the goal, we must know what success looks like first. 
Month 2 - Brand YOU

Participants explore their current professional brand, and I walk through strategies and tools for how they can define their own thought leadership using our USP model. We then look at how visible they are currently and ways they can further elevate their professional brand internally and externally in your organisation in a way that feels authentic to them. 

Note: this isn’t about being the loudest person in the room. I share with participants a number of proven strategies for increasing their visibility and authority, even if they are a self-proclaimed introvert.

Month 3 - Accelerating Growth Through Relationships
Participants look at the importance of cultivating strong and effective relationships both inside and outside Organisations. We explore the concept of a network map and relationship currency. Participants will also learn and explore the core roles needed to cultivate an effective board of careers advisers (we get beyond just mentors here!), and they'll learn why influence, impact and navigating conflict effectively are core skills to increase their own career currency and impact inside the organisation.
Month 4 - Performance Currency
Think great performance is just about hard work? Think again. This month we talk about how just working harder and taking on more tasks is not enough to be seen as an impact player and as an enterprise leader. We talk about how you can be seen as an impact player for your manager, and we look at the importance of effective communication, feedback, and understanding the language of business to increase performance currency inside your organisation. Lastly, participants will learn about the Missing 33% and the key skills that are often missing in womens career and leadership programs that are critical for their growth. 
Month 5 - Future Proofing Yourself
Participants now have the key pillars in place to take action and propel themselves forward in their careers, but how do we ensure that they are making it future proof? This month looks at the core skills needed for the future world of work, and how  participants can analyse their own career pathway and industry and make sure they (and their teams) remain relevant in a world that is rapidly changing. We also look at the importance of resilience in our careers, and the difference between being employed versus employable. 
Month 6 - Playback, Presenting with Impact and Sponsorship
This month is all about PLAYBACK! We bring all of the learnings together and give participants the opportunity to reflect on their biggest learnings through the program via an individual presentation in front of key organisational decision makers, and male allies. A great opportunity to demonstrate your program and its impact to key leaders.

We also talk about how we can continue to support our participants post the program through an interactive facilitated discussion. 
If not Now, When? 

When will it be **the right time** to prioritise the development, representation and support of your female leaders? 

Increase retention, representation and engagement of aspiring, emerging and high potential female leaders through an empowering, progressive, and relevant female sponsorship program.

This isn't just another learning opportunity.  It's a game changer. 

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Women are underrepresented in key decision-making roles across almost all industries in the Australian workforce. The global picture isn't any better.
While women make up half of the employees in the 2020-21 WGEA dataset (51%), women comprise only:

19.4% of CEOs
32.5% of key management positions
33% of board members
18% of board chairs.

Research demonstrates the considerable economic benefits for organisations that have greater gender balance in leadership, including; improved strategic decision making, better financial performance and client relationships.

Is your Organisation ready to play its part in a better future? 
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More raving reviews!

Claire is authentic and relatable, with a strong ability to engage and connect. The learnings and experiences resonated with me and allowed me to challenge my thinking. 

Thank you Claire!
Casey Tate
The program has been an incredible experience where I have broadened my self-awareness, enhanced my communication skills, and learnt the importance of future proofing my career. I also had the opportunity to hear from some inspiring leaders and work with some remarkable ladies. 

Claire is an engaging facilitator who challenged our thinking, guided our self awareness journey, and encouraged us to step outside our comfort zone. Thank you Claire for sharing the tools and knowledge we need to excel in our career. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to unlock their full potential. 
Megan Hoar
Claire curated the most thought-provoking content that we so rarely focus on for ourselves, and it was the right balance between idea sharing / facilitating, and introspection / having a brainstorming session with others who may be in a similar place.

I cannot thank you enough!
Samantha Panickar
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