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Through my developmental coaching, either within your organisation, or privately arranged by you, we’ll get comfortably uncomfortable. We’ll dig deep and you’ll consider things you probably never have before. Whether your focus is around leadership development and capability, career planning, conflict resolution, confidence building etc, we will work together and have you walking out of your sessions feeling clearer, more confident and as though you have a path forward to achieve your goals.
Sometimes we need help to distil the mental clutter that can build up in work and in life. Sometimes we need someone removed from our day to day life to help us consider things that perhaps we hadn’t considered before. To challenge our thinking. To provoke us. To push us. To believe in us. This is where coaching comes in.
We’ll also keep it real and have a few belly laughs along the way – because really, if you can’t do that, what is the point of it all?
  • Are you ready to stop playing small?

    To stop holding yourself back?

    Ready to stop missing opportunities and second guessing yourself?

    Perhaps you work for a Company who needs some support building confident leaders to drive better decision making but aren't sure where to start?

    You might even be looking for some guidance on building a collaborative and engaged workplace culture where people can truly bring their whole self to work?

    Take charge by booking one of my FREE 20 minute coaching consults today.


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  • Are you feeling a little ‘blah’?

    Perhaps you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or confused about a career decision you need to make, or a challenge you are having at work that you’re unsure how to handle?

    Maybe you are just feeling in a bit of a rut and need some fresh motivation to get you back on track and building positive momentum again?

    Perhaps you even just need a sounding board. A genuine and caring ear. Someone removed from your day to day who can listen and help guide you to the right path forward for you.

    If any of those sound like you, then YOU, my friend, need a ‘Pick me up’ coaching session!

    My 60 minute online ‘Pick me Up!’ coaching sessions are completely confidential. You’ll walk away from your session feeling lighter, more confident in your path forward, and with much greater clarity on what is important to you to make sure you keep looking forward (Because no one ever won at life from looking backwards!).

    My ‘Pick Me Up!’ sessions have helped people work through all sorts of challenges including;

    • Building greater confidence prior to a big presentation at work
    • Gaining clarity on whether a particular job was right for them
    • Providing guidance and support to work through a challenging work conflict
    • Providing support with interview style and technique to build confidence before a job interview
    • Leadership coaching around a specific feedback conversation taking place and how to best handle it
    • Acting as a sounding board and supportive ‘ear’ for HR people globally who are doing it tough from someone who really gets it! I see you.
    • Working through past experiences and mapping out how they can help create a unique selling proposition for someone’s business

    In life you have two choices.

    Step forward.


    Step back.

    What will it be for you?

    Book your 60 minute ‘Pick Me Up!’ session today!

    Investment: $300AUD + GST


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  • Have you ever wanted to ask for a pay rise, but haven't been sure where to start?

    Have you ever felt like you are deserving of a promotion, or a title change in line with the job you REALLY do, but you haven't known how to ask?

    Perhaps you want to ask for some study support to extend your learning, but you don’t feel confident in starting the convo with your boss?

    You might even just want to change your working days and hours to be more in line with the times you feel the most productive but you don’t feel capable of explaining that to your manger.

    My 60 minute “Get what YOU want at work” coaching session is perfect for you!

    This one on one completely confidential and non-judgemental online session will ensure you walk away with at least 3 key insights that will help you sell yourself and your request, as well as a customised action plan for you to take and implement straight away to help you get what you want at work! There is a difference between the people who get what they want and the ones that don't.

    Want to know what it is?

    People who get what they want at work know HOW to sell themselves. ⁠ ⁠They know what to say, how to sell their achievements and how to make the Company WANT to say yes to their request.

    Just some of the requests that this coaching session can help people to get include:

    • A promotion
    • Pay rise
    • Greater flexibility – e.g. staggered hours, compressed working week etc
    • Training and Development opportunities
    • Exposure to a certain project that you are interested in learning more about
    • A sabbatical or some time off
    • Greater opportunity to travel for work
    • A transfer to another team, department or office
    • A secondment to another team for a period of time
    • Study support or study assistance to help you gain a formal qualification
    • A customised career development plan to aid in your professional growth

    So - What will it be?

    You could continue to make excuses about now not being the right time, and I’d hazard a guess that you may be able to convince yourself of that for a while to come. You’ll be able to continue to play small, remain resentful that you feel underpaid, or bitter that you are doing a job with far more responsibility that what you were employed to do, yet without the title or status to actually reflect it.


    You can take ONE step forward and book this 60-minute coaching session with me today!

    Investment: $300AUD + GST


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  • If you know deep down that your lack of confidence and self-belief has been holding you back for years, and you know you need more than just one session, then THIS is the program you need to get out of your way once and for all!

    Eating your Cake too presents this new and no bull**it transformational coaching program designed to help you sell yourself with confidence AND get what YOU want in your career and in your life!

    This unique and hands on program is for you if you have ever experienced one or more of the following:
    • You are currently looking for work and feel overwhelmed or worried you don't know how to sell yourself well enough to land your next role.
    • You sweat at the thought of speaking to your boss about a pay-rise or a promotion, but you know you are deserving of one.
    • Previously you haven’t spoken up, or sold yourself because you don’t want to seem like you’re ‘tooting your own horn’ or being too ‘braggy’.
    • You compare your career and life to other people’s and then doubt your own worth or success.
    • You don’t feel confident enough or second guess your own abilities, and therefore don’t put yourself forward, or ask for what you want at work. Instead, you just hope someone will notice and offer it to you.
    • You look at jobs ads and think “if only I had another qualification, or a bit more experience I could apply”.
    • You’ve leant back in a meeting, or looked down hoping you won’t be asked a question because you’re worried that your answer will make you sound stupid, or incompetent and people will know you’re a fraud.
    • You’ve felt like everyone else seems to have it 'together', yet you can barely keep up.

    I see women miss out on so many opportunities. Not because they weren’t the best candidate, and NOT because they weren’t 100% capable. But because they didn’t put themselves forward, or sell themselves, their achievements, and their abilities in the same way that their male counterparts did.

    If any of this feels familiar to you, then you NEED this program!

    This kick-ass coaching program will teach you how to sell yourself with confidence so that you can stop wondering what that next opportunity could look like and actually go out and get it!

    • 7 x 1 hour 1:1 online sessions completely focused on YOU
    • Pre work coaching questionnaire for you to reflect on where you're currently at and to start creating greater alignment between your past, present and future.
    • Pre work coaching strengths test survey
    • Structured work and activities between each session to keep you on track and accountable for your own growth
    • Unlimited email and text support from me between our sessions so we can celebrate your wins!
    • You can also feel great about your investment into you knowing that 10% of your program investment will be donated to continuing the education and empowerment of women from developing nations through the Global Women's Project charity.

    Want more info on the 'Sell yourself with Confidence' Program?

    Simply click the button below and you'll receive a downloadable PDF that will tell you everything you need to know about the program, your investment etc!

    I'm ready to sell myself with confidence!

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I’ve just finished six fabulous months of business coaching with Claire from Eating Your Cake too. it’s been such a worthwhile investment in my business and personal growth. Since the coaching commenced, I have seen tangible results in my business, an increase of revenue and improved productivity within myself and also my staff. Claire is an incredibly motivating coach, she is passionate about her clients and I believe that because she genuinely cares about your success you work harder at the work she sets. My small business has had so much growth since working alongside Claire I am now within the top thirty in my state. We are looking at increasing my staff and I’ve asked Claire to work as a consultant as the company grows from a small to a large business. Engaging Claire has been one of the most worthwhile things I have done.  Thank you, Claire X,



Claire has had an undeniable positive impact on my life. Through her game changing coaching, she has challenged me, inspired me and created many a-ha moments to help me grow and evolve in ways I never imagined. Claire’s honesty combined with her positive ‘make change happen’ attitude has transformed my life and put my career on a winning trajectory. Claire helped me get out of my own way and now, I’m on a purposeful path with no self-imposed obstacles to stop me from making a real difference to my life and those around me. Thank you, Claire, – my coach for life.



Claire has been a fantastic mentor and coach through my transition from middle management through to becoming a senior leader, helping me to get out of my own way and realise the best in myself. Claire has a warm and welcoming nature with a really positive and logical way of explaining things. She has truly been an amazing confidence builder and motivator, encouraging me outside of the comfort zone and more importantly past the negative thoughts in my own head



The gorgeous Claire Seeber and I worked together on my journey of personal growth and transformation over the last 6 months! The biggest and warmest THANK YOU Claire. I’m so grateful for having met you and your guidance on my journey! I’ve learnt a lot about what it means  to be @eatingyourcaketoo and truly becoming ME!! I am pumped to take my new skills for further growth as I find my groove and nail life!



Despite many of us being passionate, ambitious and mindful as we embark on our careers, we all have blind spots in our ability to influence others. Claire has dedicated countless hours to discovering where to identify these blind spots in her clients and building an effective roadmap in pulling them into sight. I have found her insights and support incredibly beneficial in my career.



Claire is dynamic, passionate and actively focuses on improving the performance of the organisations she supports from multiple perspectives. She has a unique ability to look beyond the current situation and think more expansively which helps her stay ahead of the game. Key to this is her deep understanding of HR and OD including learning & organisational development which enables her to develop robust people strategies that support engagement and culture change. I can attest to this having worked with her as a fellow practitioner in the application of coaching with Human Synergistics tools including Lifestyles Inventory and Organisational Culture Inventory. These abilities are balanced with a strong focus on producing tangible results. During our time working together Claire has effectively guided and influenced our program of work in way to align multiple stakeholders and fundamentally improve its return on investment. I hold Claire in very high regard. She is a person who actively “walks the talk” and makes a real difference to organisations with humour, integrity, commitment and enthusiasm.




I am all about ensuring there is strong alignment and a mutual ‘fit’ with anyone I work with, so let’s connect (obligation free) and see how I might be able to help you or your organisation.