Are YOU sabotaging your own career success?

Take our free quiz and find out!

Do you feel like you're doing ALL. OF. THE. THINGS in your career, but still don't seem to be getting where you want to go? 

You don't feel recognised or valued the way you want to be? Maybe you're even questioning whether you're in the right job, or on the right career pathway at all? 

Complete our 2 minute quiz and find out for yourself if you have fallen into some of the common traps that so often see people sabotaging their own career success.

I know that I am deserving of the success I have had thus far in my career, and not that it happened to me by accident, luck or some sort of ‘fluke’?

I have the ability and the confidence to say NO to something when I need to without feeling guilty after?

I know what my own unique definition of career success is, and I only measure myself based on that (e.g I don’t compare myself to others)?

I know that I am good enough, and I don’t seek validation from others to feel valued?

I know what makes me unique and can easily articulate the value that I bring to my Organisation and Team with ease?

I feel confident to speak up, share my opinions and put my ideas out on the table at work?

When I am given a compliment, I can comfortably respond with “Thankyou” and not feel awkward?

I feel able to ask my boss for a pay increase, promotion or other opportunity with confidence because I know my worth and what I deserve?

I know what my signature strengths are and what my own personal unique selling proposition is?

I have a career game plan that combines all the essential elements for career success including brand, relationships, performance, future fit and mindset?

I will apply for a job or a promotion that excites me even if I feel like I need another qualification or a bit more experience first (a.k.a I don't meet ALL of the job requirements).

I have a career strategy to get me where I want to go outside of just working harder and hoping someone will notice?

I have people in my world that play the key roles needed for my career and leadership success - eg coach mentor, sponsor, connector?

I am aware of what my current barriers are (eg. not managing time well, bad sleep patterns, not enough exercise, overthinking, self-limiting beliefs etc) that could be derailers for me reaching my full potential, and I have plans in place to manage them?

I feel confident and able to talk about my achievements and work successes. I’m not worried at all about ‘tooting my own horn’, or coming across as ‘braggy’.

I have a current resume and Linkedin profile that I know showcase the unique value that I bring and will make me stand out in a crowded market?

I see myself as being on equal footing with other people – e.g I don’t look around a meeting table/room and question whether I deserve to be there.

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claire seeber coach

So... Who is Claire Seeber?

I am an internationally accredited Career and Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, People and Culture Consultant, and Change Driver for both Organisations and Individuals.  I started my business in 2018 whilst working full time as General Manager of HR for a large retail business, and I still feel blessed every day to be able to work globally with passionate, motivated and courageous people who want to reach their full potential.

I believe that the world needs more heart. More humour. And a greater ability to have real and honest conversations. Human to Human.

I’ve supported hundreds of driven, ambitious and laser focussed women (and men!) become better leaders, more courageous individuals, and more in control of their own career success. When we can understand ourselves better, we are more able to drive sustainable change in our teams, our businesses and ourselves.

I am also a self-proclaimed travel addict (pre-covid anyway!), mini-sausage dog mumma, a lover of a good glass of pinot noir and believe a solid belly laugh should be part of your every day.

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