As I sit here for about the 5th hour and the 4th day in a row spent ‘starting’ my blog I let out the loudest LOL I have in a quite a while – yes, completely to myself (there is no one around as I snort back in laughter on my couch with my laptop and my $14 Ikea stable table!) – Shout out to Ikea for this dead set bargain!……

For months now I have been banging on about my desire to help others get out of their own way, make choices with courage, be bold and make requests for what you want, and think big. Yet, the irony of all of this is that I haven’t even been practicing what I preach. I have spent so long just getting to the point of even writing this blog because I have overthought it, considered too much what people might think of me instead of just getting on with it and focussing on the people who will get it and will support it.

This blog post is just the start, but it makes such a valid point about what I stand for and the fact that working on yourself is constant and ongoing. Getting out of your own way is a life long commitment. – you can’t just read a book that gives you a couple of steps that will help you change who YOU are and expect that “BANG” you’ve changed and all your challenges will go away….You can’t just go to a seminar (and pay some obscene amount for it!) and expect that all your problems will go away. They wont, and if anything, you will just be poorer.  It shouldn’t even be about trying to change who you are – it should be about understanding who you are, what your strengths are, what your opportunities are, and then playing to them.

Why has this blog post has taken me so long to do? Literally months. Because I was so worried about thinking it needed to be perfect. I was procrastinating that I hadn’t read enough of other people’s blogs to be sure that mine was really ‘ticking the boxes’ of blog writing. That maybe I wasn’t an entertaining writer, or just not remotely engaging. That maybe what I was writing about wasn’t a clear message. That maybe my friends or family would judge me and question What was I doing.

Then the other day I laughed so hard about the fact that the very thing that I wanted this blog to be about and the very ideology that I stand for I wasn’t even practising myself – I wasn’t drinking my own fucking cool-aid! And that reignited in me the very ideology I want to share with all of you.

Getting out of your own way, your own head, building your confidence, silencing that annoying voice in your head, strengthening your resilience, and just basically caring less about what people think of you takes time. A lot of time. And you will continue to catch yourself, just like I have here, but that is ok.

What is important isn’t that you care what people think, or that you battle with confidence issues. It is that you are aware of it, and you are prepared to do what you need to do to manage it and grow from it – which, again, by the way is not through reading one self help book.

What I preach is not about changing who you are to live a better life, it is about knowing who you are, what you want and managing that person to live a better life – a FULL life and a life where you CAN have your cake AND eat it too!

As I mentioned, this is my first blog post, but there will be more coming your way with tips, tricks and topics all here to help you live the fullest of lives!

READER BEWARE: This blog wont be another ‘fluff piece’ designed to make you feel better about yourself for not taking action. This blog is designed to help you get out of your way, but only if you are prepared to do the work that goes with it.  I make no apologies for the tone or language that I use, or for being too honest – honesty and transparency is what is lacking too much these days and I would like to play even a small part in changing that.

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