I hope you are keeping safe and healthy during this crazy time of self-isolation!

For a lot of us now, we probably can’t remember a time where we weren’t talking about Coronavirus……but gosh do we long for that day again! I know I do.

I am currently writing to you floating in the middle of the Caribbean ocean where we are currently on a yacht with my brother and sister in law. We are laying pretty low, self-isolating (our nearest boat neighbour currently is about 70 metres away!) and following all the regulations in place here.  And ultimately, we are just trying to stay as positive as we can about the state of the world currently.

The way I see it we only have two choices at an individual level about how we respond mentally to the current situation and our lockdown into self-isolation – we let all of the negativity of the current circumstances eat us up. We let the oversupply of (often inaccurate) information online overwhelm us and induce greater stress and anxiety. We wallow in the plans we had for 2020 that perhaps haven’t quite come to fruition the way we’d hoped and dreamt they would, and we throw ourselves a pity party.

Or, we reframe. We look for the positives and remind ourselves of the how lucky we currently are – AND believe it or not, there are some reasons to be positive. We are healthy and alive. And I hope with every part of me that if you are reading this right now that you are healthy. I also hope that if you are reading this right now that you are reading it from home and following the request of our governments, and respecting our doctors and nurses who are on the frontline fighting this illness out and you are self-isolating at home.

I choose to stay glass half full right now. I have made a choice. And this requires daily mental maintenance.  I choose to look at the time and space I currently have as an opportunity (and when I say space, I do mean 42 feet of floating space that I share with 4 people - LOL!).  But nonetheless, an opportunity to do things that I am very sure I would have previously claimed to never have time for.

So, use this time. It is unlikely you’ll get it again.

Learn a new skill. Read those books collecting dust on your shelves.

Reflect on where you are and where you want to be and put a plan in place on how you can take this life by the balls once you are free to leave your house again!

Pay it forward and offer your skillset to someone in need.

But, most important of all….. accept the current reality and let it go… (if it helps to sing this to the tune of FROZEN then yes, absolutely do so!). I’m not saying the current reality is great. It sucks. Really fucking sucks.  But it is where we are right now. That part we don’t have control over. How we respond individually though is something we do have control over.

I for one have been reading more than I ever have before.

I have learnt to bake bread from scratch – and people ACTUALLY ATE IT!

I am learning to sail.

I am writing more content than ever and strategizing a plan of attack for when we get through this storm. And we WILL get through it.

I am learning how to navigate Youtube as a contributor.

I am honing my skillset even further to continue to add value to people when the world can come together again.

You do currently have choices even though it may feel like you do not. You just have to believe that you do and then motivate yourself to take action (from your living room!).

One thing I have found that has helped me immensely during these ambiguous times though is keeping some structure in my day. Keeping a list of things to do. Prioritising them. Making a plan for the following day of what I will do and when. I have seen a few people saying they are struggling to keep structure in their day and prioritise now that they are working from home. Or, even if you are not working currently, then staying motivated and avoiding finding yourself on the couch with Netflix and a bag of popcorn all day, every day (obviously we all get to treat ourselves to these days sometimes though!).


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I hope you find it helpful and stick to it each day. That is the best way to build consistency and get the most out of your day. Every day.

Also, if you have found you've received value out of it, feel free to pass it on to someone else who may also. The more of us who get something out of it, the better for everyone!

Sending you much love, and MANY, MANY VIRTUAL HUGS!