In today’s busy and fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in our “masculine energy” and lose touch with our more feminine side. We tend to focus on our masculine energy when we’re working toward a goal, task focussed,  making progress, and constantly pushing forward. On the other hand, we often express our feminine energy when we embrace our nurturing side, our creative energy, and move with the flow of life. 

In terms of your career, you may notice that with masculine energy being more focused on results and success, it tends to be valued more than feminine energy. But, when you exclusively lean on your masculine energy, you may end up exhausted, burnt out, and disconnected from yourself and your other needs and desires. So, what can you do about it? You need to strike a balance between the two. 

If you’ve always been curious about the world of masculine and feminine energy - what it means, and how to find a balance of both to support yourself, you’re in the right place!  In my latest podcast episode, I speak with Amanda Louisa and we discuss everything related to feminine energy. Listen to the episode in full via the link here, or you can read about it below!

Masculine Energy vs. Feminine Energy: What’s the Difference? 

First things first, Amanda says it’s NOT about genders. She explains, “A person who identifies as being female, or being a woman doesn’t necessarily have a core energy that is exclusively feminine. We’ve ‘genderfied’ the concept because of the social contract living within a patriarchy. But really, it’s our understanding of the duality of the universe and the nature of the world.”

In terms of duality of energy in Chinese, it’s about that balance of energies. So, ‘masculine energy’ is also defined as the yang energy; it’s the forward-moving, very outward energy. On the other hand, the ‘feminine energy’ is a softer energy that’s more focused on nurture and collaboration. 

Driving more Awareness of your Energy

Here are some ways that you can begin to embrace the concept of dual energy more in your life and the way you lead: 

  • Embracing your feminine energy also means embracing your masculine sides. Embracing your feminine energy doesn’t mean completely forgetting your masculine side. In fact, you need to harness both: Choose whichever works best for you while still balancing between the two. It’s not about carrying a label stereotypical to women or men, it’s all about whatever makes you more confident. 
  • Ask for help or support to balance your energy. Being a strong, independent woman is amazing, but sometimes, you need to give yourself a break too. Block out time in your calendar for some fun – meet with family and friends, meditate, and pamper yourself. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help or support; being able to ask for help from your partner, your friends, your family, and relying on that support network to help you live your best life so that your energy is vital and revitalised for others is also part of the deal. Remember: If you’re burnt out, you’re not actually helping the people around you that you love and you won’t be able to give 100% of what you could be giving. Learn to take a break and ask for help – it’s important to remember that you deserve a little something special too every now and then.
  • Identify if you lean more toward masculine or feminine energy. What lights you up? What re-energises you? For individuals who lean more toward masculine energy by default, they’re re-energised when they have structure, when they have focus, and when they have time to do one task without getting distracted. On the other hand, feminine beings tend to prefer the idea of connection. For instance, you might feel very nurtured and re-energised when you can grab coffee and chat with a friend before you start work. Identifying which way you lean toward – and balancing it with the other – is highly important. 
  • Learn to create safety in rest. Learning to create safety in rest is vital. A lot of us have grown up in high pressure, ‘always busy’ environments where our system hasn’t learned to regulate. So, we kind of thrive and find normality at operating at very high levels that when we drop down to a more sedate level, it can feel really unsafe. That rest period can feel really threatening and constrictive, because that’s not our norm. So, even though it’s not healthy to be up here, that’s what feels normal and comfortable for us. As women, it’s especially important to find safety in the calm and quiet; in rewiring our system to be okay with the pause and rest and understanding that we are cyclical beings and that we can’t run 24/7. 

The Bottom Line

To truly embrace more of your feminine energy that traditionally thrives on masculine energy, you first need to look inward. Explore what gives you energy. What inspires you? Are you living life in a way that serves you best? This process of self-reflection is vital, not only to understand yourself better, but to lead with strength and confidence.

Listen to my full conversation with Amanda Louisa here.

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